Retirement Plans

American Pension Advisors administers a complete array of retirement plans from the respected firms listed below, as well as other industry leaders listed on our Alliances and Partnerships page.

Nationwide Insurance American Funds Lincoln Financial Group

The advantages of sponsoring a retirement plan for your employees are many, for both the employer and the employees.

  • Improved employee recruitment and retention thanks to increased total compensation package.
  • Employer contributions to the plan are tax deductible.
  • Earnings on investments accumulate tax-deferred, increasing the rate at which contributions and earnings grow.
  • Employee contributions and earnings are not taxed until the employee receives the funds.
  • For many plans, employees may make pre-tax contributions.
  • Ongoing plan expenses are tax deductible.
  • Plan assets are protected from creditors.

Employers can choose from defined contribution plans or defined benefit plans. Your administrator from American Pension Advisors can help you choose the right retirement plan for your company.  And once you have selected a plan, our expert staff can manage your company's ongoing retirement plan administration.

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